The managing tool for restaurants, bars and cafés
on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac & Windows

Designed for the rest of us
by managers who graduated at the famous
Lausanne Hotel School.

It's almost there ! Our new app is currently being tested here in France and Belgium, and we can already give you a sneak preview of its main features.


BistroTouch is an integrated software that helps you manage any kind of restaurant, from the snack bar to the most renown places of Grande Cuisine.

BistroTouch is more than a piece of software, it's four!














BistroTouch Salon runs on an iPod Touch/iPhone and is designed for waiters. It helps them taking orders, in a way that will make your summertime student extra seem like an experienced professional, and your customers happy.
Some of the topmost features are :


  • - take order in a way that is natural for the customer (check a box for a lemon slice, select a side dish, the cooking of the meet…)
  • - succeed the challenge to serve a coffee with the dessert if the customer asked for it.
  • - alerts if a table has not been visited for some time.
  • - receive information from the kitchen : depleted dishes, sales priority and more.
  • - information about recipes, wine… so the customer has a clear explanation if he/she asks for it. And why not show him a picture?
  • - once the order taken, it's immediately available from the kitchen version of BistroTouch



These are only the majors features of BistroTouch, there are many others.
BistroTouch is currently in a beta phase, and will we released later this year.
Although we have already enough beta testers and that they're so enthusiastic that we probably won't add features for the first version, we are curious to know your opinion, and most of all what you think would be the key feature to add in a later version.

Want to partner?
We are currently looking for distributors wholesalers in the catering/hotel business, as well as integrators. Around the world! Do not hesitate to contact us.


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